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Especialización: Gerencia Estratégica de Negocios.

Fundamentos de Mercadeo

Nombre: Luis Felipe Torres Cárdenas.

1. What caught your attention? Interpretive

The business should be seen as a creator of customers and not of products. It is undoubtedly a perspective that would give free rein to creativity where innovation is not limited by a specific industry, given that the needs of these future consumers are wide and varied as well as their beliefs, lifestyle and values. It is here where marketing should be seen as that process that produces a comprehensive effort of discovery, creation and satisfaction of the current and future needs of customers, in order that the organization can have a sustainable growth.

Throughout history we have seen that the growth cycle of a company is subject to its will of imagination, skill and inventiveness, which gives it the ability to stay in the market and not necessarily in a specific one. From here also the importance of the versatility and flexibility of the business.

This is how new entrepreneurs must know the risks of have a limited focus on mass production and not be carried away by the false security of large profits at low costs. These new executives should contemplate a productive system that meets the expectations of customers, otherwise the success of the star products of the moment would have the days numbered, with time they will be useless and there will be no sales method that can save them.

2. Why did it call your attention? Argumentative

The article has conceptual bases and practices aimed at entrepreneurs and companies that are currently opting for the application of the philosophy focused on the needs of the client and the implementation of a quality management system that has as a first principle to meet the needs and expectations of this one; On the other hand, it emphasizes the importance of senior management to lead this process and ensure that all members and areas of the company are directed to the same results. This undoubtedly generates confidence at internal and external levels of the company and success in its growth process.

In relation to sustainable growth, it is evident in the article that the clients' needs are not static, but dynamic, so they change over time, in addition to being increasingly demanding clients, which is why another of the Principles of the system is continuous improvement.

On the other hand and in accordance with what was stated by the author, the actions and products of the competition should not be neglected. Not only should the development of a specific industry be contemplated, since as history shows it may be another sector of the industry that develops a new product that replaces or becomes obsolete. A current example is the growing concern about climate change, where many industries are developing and innovating products and services that are friendly to the environment in order to also have a sustainable development, which not only makes them reliable, but can also generate the company additional benefits depending on the government where it is developed.

3. How will you apply what you learned? Propositive

Within the role of my daily work it is very important to identify the needs of clients (beneficiaries), since in the entity we must measure the impact that we are generating in an economic sector. We can not focus on developing a product, strengthening a sector or cluster, transfer knowledge to a specific population, without previously knowing their needs or problems.

The Secretary of Economic Development in general is concerned about undertaking large-scale projects at the Bogotá level, for which reason it must carry out studies that are really generating a true solution, under established objectives and methodologies.

4. With what I apply what will you do in the short term?

I will make the decision to structure my business plan idea, applying the knowledge that the theoretical and practical framework of the article has given me. These concepts will be applied to the process of: identification of my product and / or service based on the needs of the client, analysis of market risks and competitors, opportunities for growth in the industry, substitute and complementary products, commercialization and marketing strategy , production strategy (if applicable), (Canvas Model).


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